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Loving Leela By: Matthew Lenahan
You sit in the drivers seat of your car, just staring at the gray, plastered building, engulfed by Redwood trees. It was a dream location for your job. To be a nationally known script doctor and writer, you had to have the best. You made sure, that when you got here, everything about the place gave you a good feeling, from the parking lot, to the janitor's closet. It all had to be right, so you could be right for the morning ahead. You reach with your left hand to the car door handle, to open it of course. You put one foot on the ground and push yourself from the car with the other. When the door closes, you just stand there, absorbing the atmosphere. Your first action was breathing in the deep air. Smelling the pine and hearing the sound of distant birds. Of course then you suddenly realize that you are going to be late, if you keep doing this. Therefore, you run to the front door grab the long, gold handle and pull. As you rush past the front desk, you think to yourself, will I need a guard posted nah. As you enter the elevator, you notice the nice, smooth music emanating from the speakers above. You close your eyes and just breath in deep, to recover from that brisk sprint you had. The door dings and opens. In front of you, is a black middle aged woman, behind a white marbled desk, she is wearing a pencil in her 'bun' up hair. She looks up from her task and begins to greet you. She stands up and extends her hand with a hearty smile. As you get off the elevator you too give a hearty smile, and extend your hand. Your hands touch and grab. As a shaking of the hands commences, she starts the conversation. "Hello, my name is Alice, I'm the secretary you hired?" You notice how happy she seems to be acting on a Monday morning. Must be the atmosphere you choose, good choice. You return her warm greeting. "Ahh yes. Alice I hope you're ready, cause I can be a busy guy." You both finish the handshake and she gives you a 'don't worry' look. "You need not worry, I was known as the best in my field. I am here to work for you, Mister… umm, I do not think I got your name?.... click for full story.

What is the Simpsons and the Futurama you ask? We answer.
Simpsons family... Homer J. Simpson. Married to sexy chick Marge. He has three nasty, little, always ready to fuck children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. His old, horny father Abraham (Grandpa) lives at the Springfield Retirement Home where he fucks nurses all the time. Occupation: Sector 7G's Pimp at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Marge Bouvier XXX Simpson. Bart Simpson. Bart's misunderstood, because people think he's a straight, when he's really gay. He has a cute ass and quite long dick. Bart definitely isn't a normal 10 year old, because he's fucked almost all the boys and girls in Springfield. He has starred in his own short-lived TV porn series (with his idol, Krusty the Clown), spotted and named a deadly comet that nearly destroyed his town (by luck!), and almost got the role of Nasty Fucker in the hardcore sex movie. He couldn't have done any of those things without the help and support of his best friend and sexual partner, Santa's Little Helper. Lisa Simpson. Hobbies: Listening to jazz music, blowjobs, watching hentai pics, studying, reading, fucking, dildo playing.
Futurama... Futurama is Matt Groening’s latest creation. Many of you are familiar with Matt’s previous work with the Simpsons X and maybe even Life In Hell. Futurama XXX began on December 31, 1999, when Fry delivers a slut to fuck, to a cryogenics lab for someone named “I.C. Weiner” (a prank). He accidentally gets fucked up his ass and cryogenically frozen and wakes up one thousand years into the future. He has a mission to fuck all the girls. Leela, a one-eyed sexy career officer, runs sexual tests on Fry and was about to install career chip in his cock. Fry is frightened by her big boobs and the process of inserting the chip so he runs off. Fry has no place to go, so he decides to find his great-great-great-great-great grand nephew, Professor Hubert Fansworth. He mistakes a Suicide Booth for a blow job booth, and that’s where he meets a hentai robot named Bender. Fry and Bender quickly become sexual partners, but Fry’s tour of New New York is cut short when Leela catches up to him. But Fry makes her realize that she’s not happy with her hungry pussy, so she removes her clothes and fucks Fry. Now, everyone is satisfied and want more and more. They find professor. The professor doesn’t give them money, but offers them a job working for “Planet Porn Express,” an intergalactic whore delivery service. Each episode is a anime science fiction adventure. They’ll discover new poses, and Fry will continually try to get Bender fucked.

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