Ariel [The Little Mermaid]

Personality- Confident Curious Exploratory
Tawny-haired sexy mermaid Ariel was one of Disney's most immediately popular animated nude heroines. Ariel XXX is a girl in the process of becoming an attractive woman. One of her attractive qualities is that she is very definite about who she is fucking and very confident about her own ability to succeed in orgasm. Of course, a good deal of that confidence is ill placed, as she is just a teenager with big boobs. Although her father, King Triton, warns her that humans are dangerous and can fuck her hardly, Ariel stubbornly believes otherwise and has an insatiable curiosity about them. She wants to know if they like to fuck as much as she is. She explores human artifacts (sunken ships, dildos, hentai, condoms etc.) and is constantly going into forbidden territory: the surface. This, of course, leads her to be fucked... and trouble. She makes your cock rise.
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Jessica Rabbit

Mrs. Roger Rabbit, attractive wife of Roger Rabbit is the voluptuous femme fatale in the 1988 feature Who Framed Roger Rabbit? As drawn by Disney animators, Jessica XXX is the absurdly sexy wife of hopeless hero Roger Rabbit and a temptation to detective Eddie Valiant's dick. With mock innocence and more curves than Daytona, she delivers the immortal line "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." Nude Jessica also added spice to later Roger Rabbit cartoons, playing fucked nurses and the like.
Without a doubt she's a porn star number one. Only the way she looks makes me want to jerk off. I enjoy watching her nudity.

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Kim Possible

Kim Possible is all about a pretty girl, Kim, and her perverted friend, Ron Stoppable, who fuck each other on a regular basis. They saving the world many times having sex with mad scientist Dr. Drakken and his bitch assistant Shego. Kim, Ron, his naked mole rat Rufus, and a nasty kid named Wade are always ready for taking Drakken, and always know the 'sitch'. In Friday's first porn adventure, Kim having sexual intercourse with the evil Drakken, who isn't the brightest bad guy. He begins to lick her clitororis until she begging him to stop. Drakken is a bisexual, so he even slept with Ron and Rufus once. Kim is a heroine who dresses like a real slut and her cartoon belly is always looking so hot, that everybody cum on it. Kim likes to watch Play Boy, Hustler and other hentai magazines. She's masturbating nude all the time while watching them. When she's being fucked, she's always begging for more and more dick.
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Lilo & Stitch. Nani
Lilo is a lonely Hawaiian girl who adopts a small ugly "dog", whom she names Stitch. He'd be the perfect pet if he weren’t in reality a genetic sex hentai experiment escaped from an alien planet and crash-landed on Earth. Through her love, faith and unwavering belief in “ohana” (the Hawaiian concept of porn), Nude Lilo helps unlock Stitch’s heart and gives him the one thing he was never designed to have – the ability to fuck and eat pussies. Stitch is or favorite toon.

Jasmine [Aladdin]
Personality- Curious Romantic Dreamer
The beautiful Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan, is only a few days short of her 16th birthday; the day on which, by law, she must choose be fucked in all her little holes. However, she wants to be a bisexual, so -- to her father's great dismay -- she keeps masturbating all nights long. She then decides to flee the luxuries of the porn palace for the wild sex adventures of the marketplace ... where she happens to fall into the company of a young street pimp, Aladdin. Headstrong, horny, nude and impetuous, she makes a perfect match for Aladdin XXX, although a street thief is hardly prince material. But after fucking the Sultan, evil Jafar and Rajah Aladdin and Jasmine have all the blessings they need to have toon sex "happily ever after."
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Belle [Beauty & the Beast]

Belle by Dizney. Personality- Adventurous Fucker Stubborn
Far-off places, daring sword fights ... a prince in disguise ... Belle longs for so much more than a "normal sexual life" in this small, provincial town -- a town where girls don't aspire to more than being fucked by a handsome lunk like Gaston. Still, porn adventure is the last thing on her mind when she fucks her horse, Philippe, in the forest with her horny father. Thinking only of father's big cock, she makes a terrible bargain with a pitiless big dick monster, a nasty beast that holds her father captive. "Take and fuck me instead ... All my hungry and tight holes". Though the Beast now holds the key to Belle's pussy, he doesn't have the key to her heart, and her yearning hentai spirit won't be kept prisoner. But after he risks his own life to save hers, she begins to see past his hideous nude appearance. She realizes that, deep inside him, there might be something more than she -- or he -- has ever dreamed. Nastiest and hardcore zoo sex you have ever seen.

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